An alien egg shaped handle is uniquely comfortable and enjoyable interaction when shaving, peeling and shaping fresh produce.


Looking at current peelers on the market I tested for productivity in time tests, accuracy in the number of passes it takes to peel a potato, visual identity in the form and packaging and cost. I narrowed my focus on user dexterity and comfort. 

I carved foam sketches, reimagining the linear shaped handle into a knob shape with a y shaped peeler. The knob shape initiated the combination of a sharp tool with a safe form that signals a user to touch it.



I modeled the final form in Rhinoceros using a T-Splines plugin and CNC routed the form with a harder foam material. A funnel shape was attached using wood glue to form a future pouring port for the casting process. After spray painting and sanding down the form a mold was cast in silicone. We then created multiples using a fast curing plastic.