The Trilobites brand utilizes ancient creatures to highlight ancient grains as an energy source with cheeky phrases, bright colors and whimsical imagery.



Trilobites responds to popularized food trends and their relationship to sustainable and ethical farming practices in a quirky way. Superfoods like quinoa, cocoa and coconut have created food instability within indigiounous populations who have relied on these foods for generations. Packaging that represents food trends like antioxidant, vegan and nutrient dense only strives to relate the socially appraised “healthy-ness” to its consumers.

The question I posed was: What happens if we strove to relate something un-health related to food consumers?


As an “adult” still unquestioning loyalty to foods shaped like animals I was curious about the Instagramable food trend. I found an element of fun and humor has been missing from adult food packaging for a long time. Ice Cream Museum’s line of ice cream and Halo Top Ice Cream won the food item lottery but why is ice cream the only food item that has been granted a social license to be more than just an efficient energy source or representative of some cultural normative food trend?

My answer was Trilobites. This is where the bubble-pop color scheme of modern food packaging experiences met a prehistoric twist.



Trilobites’ social media accounts mix pattern, photographs and textures with brand messages to exude the brand lifestyle.