walk Bike washtenaw

Washtenaw Bicycling and Walking Coalition is passionate for equal rights on the road, pedestrian and bicyclist centric policy change and road safety for all.


This identity is friendly and promotes an open community while upholding a professional and clean policy appropriate aesthetic.


Inspired by algae, the logo visually describes the central goal of improving pedestrian and bicycling issues depicted by the spokes or walkways merging together.


Initial concept sketches revealed different people coming together around a central goal. 


These sketches loosely resemble the spokes of a wheel and road signs as a result of the juxtaposition of curvilinear and rigid lines.


Expression of motion and movement with a finite and definite end. Three path steps that resemble preexisting road marker identifiers are angled forward and end at a circular point. 


Movement forward in a continuous cycle. This is  abstracted wheel that has been spliced into what looks like steps or road markers and guide round forms.


I combined organic and sharp forms utilizing the circle proportions from the previous logo. 


This created the bww letterform and leads the eye through the logo. 


Client feedback was that the bww letterform was too sterile. I was inspired by the movement network created by volvox microorganisms.